Best 5 Fuel Efficient Scooty in India

Getting a scooty might seem to be a tough decision, and so when it comes to buying one, you will think that what are the features you want in that? You might have seen some ads, and based on that, you might want to make the decision.

Here are some fantastic scooties that you need to check.

1. TVS Jupiter

Here are the details of the scooty you would like to know:

• Launch year: 2013

• Colors: three colors available

• Power: 110cc

• Stylish in design

• Best in look

2. TVS N Torq 125

Just understand the features and decide for yourself:

• Launch year: 2018

• Colors: 7 colors available

• Power: 125cc

• Looks stylish

• Body rugged and awesome

3. Suzuki Access 125

Suzuki is a fantastic brand, and the scooty from this brand seems to be the best in every way, including the features:

• Launch year: 2016

• Colors available: 9 colors

• Power: 125cc

• Great design

• USB charging socket available

• Battery indicator available

4. Honda Dio

The Honda Dio is so good that you would love to get an idea about the best options. So the features include:

• Comes in two variants

• Launch date: 2012

• Sporty style

• Great looks

• 7 colors available

5. Vespa SXL 125

The brand Vespa is a popular one in Scooter and scooty and hence, look at the features and see if you like this one:

• Launch date: 2015

• Power: 125cc

• 3 variants available

• 6 colors

• Good in design and durability

With all the above five options for scooties, you will have to think which one would be a good buy for you. The variants, colors, and many other things are the factors that you would want to think over. But the most important thing is the mileage. If you decide that you want a fuel-efficient scooty then, you need to research that fashion.

The options mentioned above are those who are significant in mileage. The above are the top 5 choices.

For more opportunities, look below:

TVS Jupiter

If you like the TVS brand, then there are fantastic options like TVS Jupiter. Just check the features:

• Runs on petrol

• ECU controlled ignition

• Automatic transmission

• Fuel tank capacity 6 liters

• Reported mileage 50

Honda Activa 6G

Honda is a good brand, and the option that you will love is because of the features:

• Runs on petrol

• Good in looks

• Amazing in style

• Smooth in working

• Best in performance

Honda Grazia

There’s one more fantastic thing from Honda; you can go through the specs:

• 125CC

• Runs smoothly

• Great in performance

• 2 variants available

• 4 colors available

• Durable and best

• Good in performance

Aprilia SR 150

It is also a good scooty and perfect for Indian roads

• Great in design

• Good colors available

• 3 variants

•Launched in 2018

• Rich in looks

• Perfect in every detailing

Aprilia SR 125

This one is also a good option and if you want to know about the details, check out:

• 125CC power

• 1 variant available

• 3 colors

• Good in looks

• Best in design

• Perfect in every way

If you look out for the best options, you will understand why it would be good to go through the details first. You will take the time to learn the features and then also understand what all things will work well for you. There would be some price factor in your mind, and with all the possible options, you will have to make a quick decision.

Getting a good scooty can do some fantastic wonders for you, and if you are ready for the same, you will have to check what suits you the most.

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