AC under 40000


LG is known as life’s Good is a multinational electronics company that is born in Seoul South Korea. LG is famous for its premium devices and manufacturing. LG is now available in 128 countries and has 100000 employees worldwide.

LG is a brand of the gold Star. It was founded in 1958 and been growing in this global market. LG split AC comes with a 1.5 ton capacity with inverter technology. It also has a cooling performance, which is powered with LG’s engine and has a silent and decent performance.

It has a 4.73-watt EER. LG has various convenience features as energy-saving mode self-diagnostic mode, and it also has auto-clean mode and auto-restart mode. LG comes with different speed settings from 1 to 5 and has an installation warranty of 1 year to 5 years. LG offers a five-star rating to its split AC Or air conditioner.


Samsung is a Korean brand that has divided among various products it manufactures. Samsung is famous for its manufacturing of electronics as they produce some decent devices with some great functionalities.

Samsung is the most known brand in India functioning from refrigerators, air conditioners, and even mobile phones. Samsung offers a great after service and a premium build for every product you buy from them. Samsung products are manufactured in Korea, but also developed in Korea. Samsung has now started manufacturing its products in India due to make in India movement.

Samsung Split AC has various features including a 1.5-ton capacity and 3-star rating, which is a bit down as compared to others in the list as LG split AC has a five-star rating with the same pricing. Samsung also offers an inverter compressor, which is a decent feature if you are spending 40000. Samsung also has an antibacterial filter, which is a plus point if you are considering air purifier inbuilt in the air conditioner.

Samsung also has a remote control option, which is Handy. It also has a dehumidification mode, which is helpful if you are in a dry or humid area. Samsung also offers a front panel display, which is decent as if you want to look at what is the temperature you don’t have to look for the remote control which has the screen to it as you can only see your AC and it’s very comfortable.

In the designing area, Samsung is famous for its premium and out of the box minimalistic design. Samsung uses a white remote design, which makes it premium and also has a unique design with a small hint of an LED screen over the right side it is very compact and fashionable and will suit your rooms or wherever you are willing to fit it.

Panasonic CS/CU-KU18WKYTF 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

Panasonic is a multinational customer electronic company that has headquartered in Osaka. It was founded in 1918 and was a premium producer of light bulbs then it grew up and collaborated with various brands such as to Sheeba, Hitachi or Sony and then grew into different markets and now is the world’s largest television manufacturers. They are famous for their unique conceptual designs and minimalistic approach to their finishing. Panasonic is now an old name in the Indian market in can be bought from online to the offline market.

Panasonic Split AC features a 1.5-ton capacity and is priced on the lower side of this list as it only costs 35000 rupees. It has a three-star rating, which is a downgrade as compared to the five-star rating, which you can get in this price range.

It has an operating current of 7.5 amperes and a cooling capacity of 5050 Watts, which is decent if you are willing to fit in a small room or your hall area. It does not have any antibacterial filter but comes with a sleep mode and a remote controller. It also has some features named as jet and auto-restart mode, which is decent and works fine.

On the designing end, Panasonic has a minimalistic design. This product is very minimal and can fit your interior of any room or all of your house.


Whirlpool Corporation is an American company dealing with home appliances for a while now it is headquartered in the Michigan United States and has over 100000 employees and 70000 manufacturing factories all over the world.

Whirlpool is famous for its design and compactness, and they also offer various functions at a low price.

Whirlpool provides us with a 1 ton AC at decent pricing of 35000 rupees. The air conditioner comes with a three-star rating, which is a downgrade in the price you’re paying as we have seen that you can get a 5-star rating or conditioner in this price range by LG and other brands as well.

Whirlpool has no extra features such as noise cancellation or air filter. It does sound less is compared to other AC is due to its high tech low power motor, which takes up very little power but produces a reasonable amount of cooling effect and will cook up a big room. Whirlpool is famous for its designs in a minimalistic approach to its functionalities.

Whirlpool has decent material choices and color schemes with their projects. It also offers different shades for their condition of which can be selected on your own. The dual-tone bolt finish to its front side makes it stand out and is also one of the best-looking air conditioners under this price range. You do get a remote control facility with an air conditioner, and it does have a LED screen over the front top of the air conditioner.

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